International Scene – Imports

Today we got another call from a manufacturer (I’ll call them Company 2) who has been importing containers of glass from China and is now looking for a U.S. supplier. He told me that the containers are arriving with damaged glass. A few months ago a company representative (I’ll call them Company 1) called me looking for a North American company to make products. He told me the products he was buying from China – and China has been his company’s main supplier! – are not meeting quality standards for his market.

When I got the call from Company 1, I told him that some of the U.S. companies that could have made glass for him went out of business several years ago, when he started the new line that he was buying from overseas. Company 2 buys a type of glass where there are still a number of North American suppliers.

What has been your experience buying glass from overseas?


2 Responses to “International Scene – Imports”

  1. Andrea Montion Says:

    Today is the first time I have seen your Blog on Glass.

    Off and on for many months I have been searching for a glass manufacturer of glass bottles. I have found sites for companies in China, Italy, and Portugal, but none so far here in the USA. Today, I’m not big enough to order thousands of items at one time, but one day I hope to be. I would like to find a directory of US Companies that produce the type of glass item I am looking for. So far my search has produced very little and has been frustrating. Any suggestions?

  2. gfdmanager Says:

    Most glass manufacturers tend to expect high orders if you want to deal
    with them directly, and we only carry glass manufacturers in our
    Directory. However, on our web page at:
    there is a link to the Glass Packaging Institute. Their members are
    glass bottle manufacturers and distributors.

    When you get to their website, look at the navigation bar running
    accross the center of the page and click on “Find a supplier.” There is
    then a link to “Members” and you will find that a list of distributors
    is available there.

    If you have not previously seen the kind of bottle you want to buy, it
    is important to realize that glass bottles are made to order, not on
    speculation. If you are buying small quantities, you will need to find
    a bottle that suits your needs in the kinds of bottles currently

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