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More on Building with Glass

July 11, 2009

A recent article in the New York Times had pictures of the new glass boxes suspended over the street at the Sears Building observation tower in Chicago.    The article quotes two glass scientists,  Carlo G. Pantano at Pennsylvania State University and Harrie J. Stevens, director of the Center for Glass Research at Alfred University in a discussion of glass tensile strength.    (The article also includes a bit about how the glass for laptops is manufactured.)

The RoyMech site has information about measuring glass strength, and links to other sites about glass material properties.

Most applications of glass in buildings use laminated glass or tempered glass.

We get many requests for information about glass from school students, and have a number of links to information sources about glass on our website: Places to Learn More About Glass.  We find that many of the visitors to our website head to this area first.   One link there is to an article from a shower door manufacturer, which discusses the U.S. standards for tempered glass. There are also several videos of glass manufacturing and the machinery involved.

In our “Learn About Glass” section we collect interesting articles which we have found about glass on the Internet. Do you have a link to recommend? Post your link below.