Glass Factory Directory of North America

The Glass Factory Directory of North America, published annually, lists glass manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The Glass Factory Directory of North America is on Linkedin Linkedin

2 Responses to “Glass Factory Directory of North America”

  1. Eryk Says:


    I am looking to source a 2 gallon glass beverage dispenser (like this one for example):

    Most suppliers I am finding in China, but I am wondering whether I could source this from the US.

    So far I haven’t had any luck finding and manufacturers of similar products, just glass jars.

    Would you by any chance be able to suggest any manufacturers?

    I am open to 2 gallon glass jars as well, preferably with designs, I might be able to add a drinking spout myself.

    Thank you for your help,


    eryksd [at]

    • gfdmanager Says:

      Thank you for your email.

      The following information is on our web site in the “Frequently Asked
      Questions” section:

      “Most glass factories sell directly only in very large quantities,
      usually 50,000 items or more. Glass items produced in North America are
      usually available in smaller quantities from distributors.

      We do not recommend specific glass manufacturers or glass distributors
      for any glass product.”

      Most glass manufacturers tend to expect orders of large quantities if you want to deal with them directly, and we only carry glass manufacturers in our Directory. However, on our web page at:
      there is a link to the Glass Packaging Institute. Their members are glass
      container manufacturers and distributors.

      When you get to their website, look to the middle top and click on “Glass
      Resource Locator.” You can use the map to locate suppliers near you, and there is information about how to contact them to discuss your requirements.

      If you have not previously seen the kind of container you want to buy, it
      is important to realize that glass bottles are made to order, not on
      speculation. If you are buying small quantities, you will need to find
      a bottle that suits your needs in the kinds of bottles currently

      All the best,

      Glass Factory Directory of North America

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