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Glass on the Internet

January 5, 2015

Shopping trips are always bright when we find U.S. glass products!

Featured in T Magazine’s Holiday issue, Mosser Glass glass trees in green, crystal and red:

For sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond, O-I brown beer bottles for making your own brew:

or decorating:


Glass Factory Featured – and the 2013 Glass Factory Directory is here!

October 22, 2013

Willow Glass, a thin flexible glass material, was featured in the “All Tech Considered” 10/21/2013 segment of NPR’s “All Things Considered” broadcast. Willow Glass is related to “Gorilla Glass” (both made at Corning’s Harrodsburg, Ky. plant). Willow Glass will be introduced as the protection for faceplates of smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices later this year.


The 2013 Glass Factory Directory of North America is now available, as a .pdf, in a print edition or as an electronic data base.  The Directory is updated annually.  More information is available at:

Longbow Research Glass Packaging Survey for 1st Quarter of 2013

May 26, 2013

The most recent Longbow Research Glass Packaging Survey covers glass container production in Europe, the Americas, and China in the 1st Quarter of 2013.


European glass container demand is showing signs of a modest recovery and 2013 contract price increases are holding firm. Volumes were up 1-2% on a y/y basis in the 1st Quarter of 2013, an improvement from 5-7% lower demand throughout most of 2012. By category, beer continued to hold up fairly well at stable to low single-digit growth, particularly in northern Europe. Soft glass container demand across Europe since late 2008 has been economically driven, a customer shift from all glass bar sales to glass and metal can take-home purchases.

2013 European contract prices were largely set by the end of February, up 3-4% on average. Prices increased in a 2-3% range in northern Europe but in a 5-7% range in southern Europe. The higher pricing for southern Europe was surprising. One reason was recently closed capacity from OI in Spain as well as layoffs from #4 player Vidrala and #2 player Saint Gobain (Verallia). Vidrala raised prices by only 2% on average in France but in a 5-7% range in Spain, where Saint Gobain’s Verallia operations had an ~7.5% price increase. Longbow’s results indicated there was modest share loss for the big players compared to 2012 as expected, particularly for Portuguese-based BA Glass.

North America

North American glass container demand and volumes were down 2-3% y/y in the 1st Quarter of 2013 due to bad weather. Craft beer category volumes were up mid-single-digits y/y, while mass produced beers were down low to mid single-digits. The wine & spirits category experienced low-single digit y/y growth, an ongoing pattern. Annual contract price increases for glass containers have been stuck in a 1-2% range since the first of the year. Supply conditions remained relatively tight over the last 6-12 months, which, along with energy cost adjustments on a significant portion of contracted volumes in North America, enabled manufacturers to successfully recover modestly higher production costs.

South America

There was substantial resistance to price increases again in South America this year. Overall glass container demand was up in a 5-7% range y/y. Increased beer demand in larger refillable containers among lower-end consumers has been the key driver behind the higher demand for the last 5-6 months. Weather was also favorable during the 1st Quarter of 2013. Demand outside of beer still experienced high-single digit increases, particularly within the wine & spirits categories. Prices are in a 7-8% range y/y in 2013.

OI raised prices by 8% on average in Brazil, while Vidraria Ancheita implemented a 7% average increase and Verallia prices were up 8-10%. This rise follows a high single-digit increase in early 2012. The Brazilian market in particular continues to recover from competitive pricing in 2011 following OI’s purchase of CIV in late 2010. The survey indicated the higher pricing was taken with little to no demand resistance.


The survey covered distributors and glass bottle manufacturers in China for the first time in the 1st Quarter of 2013. Glass container demand was up low to mid single-digits y/y in China, with competitive pricing among smaller players. Glass container demand was up 3-5% on average on a y/y basis since January, 2013. Demand trends were mixed by region depending on weather conditions but were most positive at high single-digits y/y in Guangdong province.

The higher demand across China came entirely from 5%+ beer growth, since other categories such as wine did not change. Smaller players in China were aggressively cutting pricing with production costs holding steady. Major players such as OI were able to hold pricing relatively stable since the first of the year.

Shipping 2012 Glass Factory Directory print orders!

October 15, 2012

Print copies of the 2012 Glass Factory Directory have arrived and are being shipped today!

You can order on our webpage order form:

2012 Glass Factory Directory ships .pdf edition!

October 8, 2012

Yes, the 2012 Glass Factory Directory of North America is finally here!

We have been shipping our .pdf edition orders starting today.

More information at:

Ordering information:

Great Glass from Australia

August 15, 2012

Glass jars make great glass tumblers

Thanks to the Reddit user who shared this idea!
Back “in the day” many “jars” had snap lids and could be used as tumblers after the contents were gone.

Nutella tumblers

PDF edition of 2011 Glass Factory Directory available

December 9, 2011

After many requests, we have a .pdf version of the 2011 Glass Factory Directory available, completely searchable, same format as print edition, delivered by email only.

Here’s the information on our order form

The Market for Strong Glass Grows

March 31, 2011

The strong “Chemcor” glass developed at Corning almost 50 years ago is now sold as “Gorilla Glass” for use as screens on personal electronic devices using touch screen technology.

Today this glass is made by Corning using a fusion-draw process  in Harrodsburg, Ky., and is an alumino-silicate glass, not the everyday soda-lime glass.  In the fusion-draw process hot glass is pumped into a suspended trough and allowed it to overflow and run down either side. The glass flows then meet under the trough and fuse seamlessly into a smooth, hanging sheet of glass.  Fusion-draw glass is tempered in a chemical bath, and does not use heat-tempering as many sheet glasses do.  The resulting liquid-crystal glass can be made very thin and is very strong.  More than 100-plus handheld devices use this glass.

Gorilla Glass LCD television screens will be available from some manufacturers this year.  Sony showed Bravia  model televisions with these screens at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show in January.  With production going full-tilt in Harrodsburg, Ky., Corning  is converting part of a second factory in Shizuoka, Japan, to fill the growing orders.

Let U.S. Factories Compete on a Level Playing Field!

November 16, 2010

Beri Fox of Marble King, the only U.S. marble manufacturer left standing, explains why U.S. glass manufacturers are at a disadvantage in competing with producers in other countries. See the clip here:—beri-fox

2010 Edition of the Glass Factory Directory of North America Now Shipping

May 16, 2010

Copies of the print and electronic editions of the 2010 Glass Factory Directory of North America are shipping the week of May 16, 2010. More information about ordering the print edition is available on the order form on our website  or by sending email through any of the links on our home page.

A big “Thank You!” to our many friends in the glass manufacturing industry community who help us keep the Glass Factory Directory of North America up-to-date!