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Requests For and About Glass Reflect Industry Changes

January 7, 2015

Since our website  uses the name “Glass Factory Directory of North America,” we regularly get requests for information on glass products and glass resources. Here are a few that came to us recently by telephone and email:

From a company that uses glass tiles to make large commercial mosaics, asking who would be interested in their waste glass (cullet).  We emailed a university “materials science” contact in their state, who referred the inquiry on to the university hot-glass shop, and we referred the mosaic company to the  “Glass Organizations on the Internet” page on our website link to the Glass Art Society, where they can find glass artists who might be interested.

From a volunteer guide at the Corning Museum of Glass, asking how many glass industry manufacturers still exist in the U.S.  We checked the numbers in our 2014 Glass Factory Directory, and sent them an estimate. 

From a glass studio which had been using Fenton Art Glass cullet and was looking for new sources.  We sent them the very short list of U.S. “hand glass” manufacturers who still do “pressed and blown” colored glass items, and the link from our website to the Glass Art Society for glass color providers.

A request looking for a glass container supplier who could make small amounts of specially designed glass containers.  In our reply we explained how quickly modern glass container factories produce quantities of glass containers as a way for them to understand why factories have high minimum order requirements. (Great video of glass container manufacturing!)  We answer similar questions on a regular basis.

From a winery on the West Coast with an idea for using recycled glass bottles to make new glass bottles in an on-site furnace, looking for a glass engineering firm to make it happen. We’ll keep you posted.

A request for a source to make very large glass containers which could be autoclaved.  We directed them  to the American Scientific Glassblowers Society link on our “Glass Organizations on the Internet” website page, they can recommend members who will do this.

And, from someone who wanted to find our 2014 Glass Factory Directory on-line (for free). We replied that we sell the Directory online, it is not available online.  We do sell print, .pdf and electronic database editions, and a business we work with makes maps of glass plant locations.